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Increase Productivity & Maximize Dust Collection

Reduce Filter Replacement Costs

You may not be getting all you can from your filters.

Filters can be expensive, so look for a system that maximizes filter life and provides the ability to monitor filter condition.

IVEC® maximizes filter life by reducing the “air to cloth ratio”, a major factor in controlling the effectiveness and capacity of every filter in your system. IVEC® accomplishes this by controlling air velocity which can rapidly pack a filter prematurely, limiting effectiveness.

Also, choose a system that provides the information your maintenance staff needs to efficiently maintain your system without guesswork. If remote system monitoring is what you require, ask about IVEC Command.

Without these features your new dust collection system is only capable of doing half the job.

Increase Employee Productivity

Increase productivity and your profits by installing an IVEC® ventilation control system!

When you equip your workstations with IVEC® sensors to detect when ventilation is required, electric gates automatically open and close the ventilation ducts to just right the amount. This allows your workforce to give full attention to production without the distraction of having to manage the ventilation system as well.

In addition to the automated gates, an efficient ventilation system provides a healthier work environment for your employees by removing harmful manufacturing by-products such as wood dust, exhaust fumes and chemical mists.

When dust, fume or mist extraction need to be addressed, your plant requires superior ventilation control equipment to handle the job and IVEC® has the solution!

velocity hvac control graphic

Reduce the Number of Maintenance Intervals

IVEC® is all about “intelligent efficiency”.

By automatically adjusting the horsepower requirements to run blower motors and fans, IVEC® reduces the wear and tear on all moving parts and extends equipment life.

This reduced wear and tear also means that your components need maintenance less frequently and will last a lot longer.

Installing IVEC® helps extend the periods between maintenance intervals and reduces operating costs, which is not only an intelligent choice, it's smart business.

ivec maintanence with hose
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