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For businesses today, being smart about money means being smart about energy. Energy is expensive: Energy is among the biggest costs for companies, but at many operations, it’s not monitored and managed carefully. So now more than ever, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to manage their energy resources to help minimize costs and maximize profitability.

Hastings Air Energy Control has the expertise and experience to ensure your business utilizes the most energy efficient air filtration technology, air flow equipment and dust collection systems in the industry. With our state of the art technology, your energy use will be managed and monitored to make sure you’re using only what you need – and not a kilowatt more – whether you’re upgrading your current air filtration systems or purchasing new air flow equipment. Our bottom line is using less energy means paying less, and that helps your bottom line.


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Managing Your Energy Costs

Hastings Air Energy Control supplies innovative, energy efficient dust collection and air flow systems that keep your workers healthy and your workplace safe while reducing your carbon footprint and your operating expenses. Much of our air filtration technology, air flow equipment and dust collection systems utilize our IVEC® intelligent control system, which:

  • Decreases power consumption
  • Lowers noise levels for employees and neighbors
  • Improves performance at workstations
  • Extends filter life
  • Reduces carbon footprint and achieve Sustainability Goals
  • Optimizes and manages your system automatically
  • Routinely adjusts power and fan speeds
  • Provides real-time data remotely to your computer or mobile device
  • Cuts energy costs by 50% to 85% each month
  • Provides a fast return on investment

Find out how IVEC® saves energy and utility costs at

Upgrading Your Current System

We can help make your current air filtration system energy efficient, less costly and more productive by automating your existing system with IVEC. By retrofitting our intelligent technology, you can gain control of available capacity to correct performance issues, add workstations, reduce operating costs, and lower noise levels.

Find out more details on our Retrofit page at

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IVEC® Controls

  • Compare Features & Options
  • IVEC Advanced
  • IVEC Command
  • IVEC IPS Plus
  • IVEC IPS Plus with Multi-Color
  • IVEC Steward
  • Retrofit Your Existing System

Helping You With Energy Assistance

Hasting Air Energy Control also can connect you with federal, state and local financial assistance to help offset the cost of energy conservation equipment, technology and system installations. Our Grants and Incentives Team helps you navigate the complex maze of requirements to qualify for grants, incentives and subsidies available in your area.

Find out more about federal energy grants, government tax incentives and energy saver rebates at our Grants & Incentives page.

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Our experts can help you save money by creating a custom solution perfectly fit for your application.

Delivering the Service You Deserve

For more than 50 years, Hastings Air Energy Control has supplied innovative, high-quality, long lasting air filtration systems and air flow technology to keep workers healthy and workplaces safe. Hastings Air Energy Control has the expertise, the experience and equipment that protects your employees from potentially harmful airborne contaminants. We are your perfect clean air partner. 


  • Develop innovative products for the market
  • Partner with carefully-selected manufacturers and contractors to supply very best air filtration products
  • Competitive prices
  • Responsive, fast maintenance services
  • Superior customer support


  • Offer high-quality, long-lasting air flow equipment
  • Serve a wide range of industries, from small shops to large-scale operations
  • Proudly headquartered in the Midwest, the heartland of America


  • Founded in 1969
  • Five decades of industry acumen
  • Family owned and operated
  • Acknowledged market leader

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