Rail-Mounted Exhaust Hose Reels

For a multi-bay service facility, the most cost-effective, user-friendly, and flexible vehicle exhaust system may be a rail-mounted exhaust reel system from Hastings Air Energy Control. For many vehicle repair shops or fleet maintenance facilities, vehicle exhaust extraction is required in each work bay only for a portion of the time. Rail-mounted exhaust reels provide service to multiple bays, combining flexibility, easy access, and easy storage. Exhaust hose reels are mounted on a sliding exhaust rail running across multiple work bays. When vehicle exhaust extraction is needed at any of the adjacent service bays, the reel is easily moved to the point of need. When not in use, the hose is compactly stored on the reel, up and out of the way.

Rail-mounted exhaust reels are also used to meet the needs of drive-through service bays in car/truck inspection centers, repair shops, and loading bays. The sliding exhaust rail is mounted parallel to the service bay, and the hose reel follows the moving vehicle through the bay, combining mobile service with the easy access and compact storage of the hose reel.

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