Vehicle Exhaust Removal

Heavy Equipment Exhaust Removal

Problem: Supplier of heavy duty equipment for the construction and agriculture industries wanted a vehicle exhaust system for their newly expanded service department. They needed a system whose overhead drops would not interfere with the operation of their bridge crane that spans the service area.

Solution: By using booms, the drops could be positioned wherever needed and moved to accommodate crane usage. With a high-efficiency TEV blower, 6-inch flexible ducting (350 degree with 570 degree lead sections), and metal nozzles with self-contained dampers and clamping devices, the service facility staff have been very happy with the performance and user-friendly operation of their exhaust removal system.

Equipment: (2) Droppers; (2) Booms; TEV Fan

heavy equipment exhaust removal

Diesel Exhaust Removal

Problem: Heavy equipment repair shop needed a diesel exhaust removal system.

Solution: Swing boom with hose reels provides service for up to three bays. The system features a slim profile, friction brake, dual steel springs, and heat-resistant flex hose.

Equipment: (6) SER-850 Spring Operated Exhaust Reels with Mounting Brackets

Diesel Exhaust Removal

Firehouse Exhaust Removal

Problem: Fire Protection Department won an Assistance to Firefighters Grant and wanted to install a vehicle exhaust system that would fit their smaller gas-fired trucks.

Solution: Emergency vehicle exhaust system equipped with the 4” Grabber nozzles that fit the smaller exhaust tailpipes perfectly.

Equipment: (7) Drop Vehicle Exhaust System

Firehouse Exhaust Removal

Fire Station Straight Rail Exhaust System

Problem: Fire Department won an Assistance to Firefighters Grant and wanted an exhaust removal system that would interfere as little as possible with adjacent fire museum.

Solution: Installation of a Straight Rail System which allows maximum parking flexibility and includes Grabber nozzles for 100% source capture of the exhaust.

Equipment: Straight Rail Exhaust Removal System with (6) 70’ Rails

Fire Station Straight Rail Exhaust System

Sports Car Service Facility 

Problem: Auto service facility moved to a new facility and wanted to upgrade from their old floor vehicle exhaust system to a state-of-the-art hose reel exhaust system.

Solution: Service staff are extremely happy with how easy their new motorized hose reel system is to use and with how well it performs.

Equipment: (9) MHR 850 Hose Reels with TEV Fans and Flexible Duct

Sports Car Service Facility

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