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Wet Dust Collection Systems


For potentially hazardous or volatile contaminants such as aluminum and titanium dust, the best answer is often a dust collector with a water filter system. A wet dust collection system can also provide safe collection for heavy sparking applications.


The Hydrotron Wet Dust Collector Series is offered in three configurations: ducted wet collector (up to 15,000 CFM), wet dust collector downdraft table (up to 5000 CFM), and wet collector dust booth (up to 48,000 CFM). The Hydrotron Series features a sensor-based automatic fill system for reliable water control. All of our Hydrotron wet dust collection products provide energy savings by recirculating the clean, tempered air. In addition, Hydrotron wet collectors are available in all stainless steel construction.

Typical Processes

Hydrotron wet dust collectors, tables, and booths are used in aircraft manufacture and maintenance facilities, by manufacturers of electrical enclosures, and in industries such as milling and refining, chemical, rubber, plastics, ceramics, and foundries.

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