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Heavy Duty Air Cleaners & Smoke Filtration


Industrial air cleaners are designed to filter the ambient air of fine, airborne dust and contaminants to provide a better working environment. Air cleaners may be installed in multiples as a stand-alone system to create a planned air circulation pattern for regular whole room air exchange and filtration, or air cleaners may also be used in conjunction with source capture equipment for a total air filtration solution. A smoke filtration system can provide effective filtration of smoke, dry chemicals, mineral dust, metallic dust, oil mist and smoke, powders, rubber dust, wood dust, ceramic dust, and fumes.


Hastings Air Energy Control provides industrial air cleaners with a choice of filter systems: application-specific media, multi-stage filters, HEPA after-filters, and self-cleaning cartridge filters for heavy-duty applications. All air cleaners are designed for tool-free easy-maintenance and high-efficiency performance, recirculating the clean, tempered air. Air cleaners are available as free-hanging units, free-standing modular style, and even ducted or integrated with source capture arms.

Typical Processes

Air cleaners from Hastings Air Energy are filtering the air in all kinds of industrial environments, for processes such as sanding, grinding, buffing, welding, soldering, and machining. Industries utilizing free-hanging air cleaners include wood products manufacturers, machine shops, auto repair facilities, and welding shops.

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