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Industrial Air Filtration Systems

Welcome to Hastings Air Energy Control, a leader in providing industrial air filtration solutions. With a proven track record of innovation and reliability, our air filtration products, HEPA Vacuums, and ambient air cleaners are designed to meet the specific needs of industrial environments. Our commitment to performance and efficiency ensures optimal air quality for your facility. At Hastings, we recognize the significance of clean air in industrial settings. Explore our range of industrial air filtration cleaners to discover how we can enhance the air quality and overall environment of your operations.

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HEPA Cleaners

Hastings offers two High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) cleaners that are designed for use in medical settings. These abatement units meet the OSHA and CDC recommendations for the control of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Whether you are looking for positive pressure for recirculating air or negative pressure for isolation rooms, we have medical air filtration system suited for your needs. 

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General Ventilation All Purpose Ambient Dust Collector

For light to medium duty ambient systems. The IVEC GVAP is a plug & play ambient air cleaner designed to filter the air of fine, airborne dust and contaminants to provide higher quality air, protecting the health of your employees and your environment. The GVAP is the most efficient ambient air cleaner on the market saving you money by lowering energy consumption and maintenance costs. With no need for ducting, this compact, versatile system can be hung from the ceiling and requires no floor space.

When modified with a HEPA H13 filter, which captures virus particles and meets CDC guidelines for infectious diseases, the GVAP air filtration unit captures and contains infectious viruses, like COVID-19. When we capture and contain these organisms by using high-efficiency filtration and air cleaning techniques, we are effectively able to limit our exposure to them and limit our risk of infection. 



  • Low cost, economical
  • Multi-level progressive filtration
  • Portable or varied mounting mechanisms
  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Easy access for filter replacements


  • Wood Dust
  • Coolant Mist
  • Ceramic Dust
  • Printing Powder
  • Plastic Smoke
  • Sanding Dust
  • Dry Chemicals
  • Grinding Dust
  • Oil Smoke
  • Weld Smoke
  • Powders
  • Rubber Dust
  • Mineral Dust

IVEC Dust Collectors Optimize Your Air Cleaning

Improperly maintained belt-driven units are up to 20% less efficient than direct-drive blowers, which increases filter costs, drives up maintenance, and increases energy consumption.

Additional seals around the filters eliminate filter bypass and increases the filtration efficiency of the unit.

By upgrading to the IVEC intelligent control system option, you will be able to optimize and manage your system automatically. The optional smart controller routinely adjusts power and fan speed to ensure optimized air cleaning operation. Let IVEC optimize your air flow and save you money in the process!

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