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Silica Dust Collection Solutions

Flowserve worker


Hastings provides a customized solution to meet new silica limit criteria

The Challenge

New silica limits went into effect June 2018, and Flowserve, Nebraska realized their current downdraft tables were working way above the new 25mg/cu limit. They talked to two competitors about redoing the booths while keeping the central collector. They also wanted to try and design a way to build an enclosure to help capture the dust.

Flowserve, Nebraska had a budget in mind and was provided with two quotes, but they were not convinced that the options proposed were the right avenue to take. They were looking for a third quote and a better solution than what was presented.


The Solution

During initial discussions with the Flowserve, Nebraska team, Hastings could guarantee that Flowserve would get below the new silica limits if they went with a “push-pull” method of dust capture that featured Dustron dust control booths. These booths utilize regained air capabilities that would “push” or “shower” Flowserve, Nebraska’s workers with clean air and“pull” the dirty air out of the way, thus bringing the silica below the recommended limit. Flowserve had never heard of the regain air method being used in a booth before. This philosophy, coupled with our quote coming in at half the cost of our competitors, were the main differentiators in Flowserve choosing Hastings.


  • Eight custom Dustron booths to replace existing booths
  • Prior eight downdraft tables ducted to dust collector on booth
  • 2 project phases:
    • Phase One: first four Dustron booths were installed and tested to ensure guidelines were met
    • Phase Two: last four Dustron booths were installed and tested


For this customization job, large casting parts were brought in with cranes and were dropped into place. The Dustron booth has a half-open roof with a crane slot and HEPA filtration, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), and Texas Twister spark arrestors. Hastings provided start-up training during the installation process.

Hastings provided Flowserve, Nebraska with drawings of the proposed customized Dustron solution and its special features. Flowserve also provided us with drawings of their current facility layout. Armando Garcia, Project Engineer at Flowserve, Nebraska, noted that Hasting’s “professionalism during presentations and meetings” helped win their confidence due to this work.


The Results

From the initial meetings to installation and testing, Flowserve, Nebraska was highly engaged and communicative. They were responsive, asked questions, and ensured their employees were available when needed.

Flowserve, Nebraska had a hygienist come out to test the air quality. With the first four units, the silica limits were reading at 25 mg/cu; while this needed to be under 20, the hygienist recognized that work was still being done in other areas, which skewed the reading. Now with all eight units in, readings are coming in at under 20 mg/cu.

For more information on reducing silica readings for downdraft tables contact us today!

My employees and I couldn't be happier with the equipment and the work Hastings did for us.

Armando Garcia, Project Engineer

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