2020 -October 28 Webinar-Dust Collectors: Explosion Prevention

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Title: Dust Collectors: Explosion Prevention and Protection
Speaker: David Grandaw, Vice President of Sales, IEP Technologies
Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 11 am CT

Speaker Bio: David has over 34 years of experience in industrial explosion protection and is a Technical Committee Member NFPA, including alternate to NFPA 652.

Topic: Industrial explosions present serious risk to any company that manufactures or handles combustible dusts.  Air-material separators such as dust collectors are among the process vessels most susceptible to combustible dust explosions.  This presentation will discuss how explosions initiate and propagate, primary and secondary explosion risks associated with dust collection, and the various methods of deflagration protection that can be employed to protect facilities against explosions, including ignition control, explosion venting, suppression and isolation. Guidance on factors to use when determining the optimum explosion mitigation approach for a given application will be reviewed.

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