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High Vacuum Extraction at Every Weld Station

High-Vacuum Central Systems

High vacuum source capture of welding fumes is by far the most effective means for improving air quality in heavy welding production facilities. Getting that high vacuum to numerous welding stations hasn't always been easy. 

Now, FumeVac Central Systems can deliver very high levels of extraction capacity to an almost limitless number of welding stations. Problem solved. When used in combination with the FumeVac ErgoMax line of source capture welding guns, you can expect a much cleaner work environment.

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fumevac central system outdoors

Features & Benefits 

  • Highest vacuum levels available in industry today @ 90-100”w.g. (22.4-24.9 kPa) for ducted systems
  • High-Performance Centrifugal Turbines from 25-100 HP (18.6-74.6 kW) with optional Silencers and Rain Caps
  • Heavy gauge DPH dust collectors – 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 cartridge designs
  • 6-through 30-gun continuous duty operation (Add gun capacity withHVAV Auto-Valves)
  • Energy efficient design uses 20-35% less HP at similar flow and vacuum conditions as common regenerative blower system designs
  • Designed for ex-plant installation to conserve valuable floor space, if desired
  • Complete UL Listed Control Panels optimize the vacuum extraction and automatic filter cleaning operations – includes:
    • Hour Meter, Fault Indicator Light,On/Off Main
    • Switch, Start/Stop
    • Buttons, Manual/Auto Filter Cleaning Switch,
    • Status Light, Static
    • Pressure Photohelic for Monitoring, and Control
  • FumeVac Advanced Control system with automated valves for exceptional system performance, energy savings, and system monitoring


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