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Hose & Nozzles For Vehicle Exhaust Removal

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Hastings Air Energy Control equips all types of vehicle exhaust systems with a hose that is both durable and flexible; hoses are manufactured of high-quality materials that are both temperature and chemical resistant as well as light-weight for easy maneuverability.

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Hoses are available in diameters of 3” to 6” and include the following categories:

  • Crush-resistant (+300°F)
  • AutoFlex (+390°F)
  • Truck Flex (+600°F)
  • DynoFlex (+1200°F)

Plymovent EG Fabric Flexible Hose

Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Plymovent's easy to use EG Fabric Flexible Hose. This fabric hose option is a high-quality vibration-resistant hose that can withstand exhaust gas temperatures up to 390°F (200°C). The EG hose is intended for both fire and emergency service stations as well as military facilities but is also recommended for any area that services cars and light trucks. 

Features & Benefits

  • Abrasion protection from external clamp profile
  • Secure clamping of the wall
  • Highly flexible
  • Highly compressible
  • Vibration resistant
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Outer protection made of elasticized material
wide yellow hose for hvac

EG Hose


Fitting a broad range of vehicle exhaust pipes, vehicle exhaust extraction nozzles from Hastings Air Energy Control are manufactured of high-temperature-resistant rubber and feature 30 different designs with or without a damper. Nozzles may be fitted to single or dual exhaust pipes. Available types include:

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Available types include:

  • The 100% compressed air sealed “Grabber”
  • The friction sealed REN nozzle
  • The REC nozzle, equipped with a spring clip
  • The REG nozzle, equipped with a vice grip
  • The MEN high-temp nozzle
  • A twist-lock standard tailpipe connector
  • Oval connector with toggle clamp and CO2 port
air filtration plymovent magnetic grabber

Plymovent Magnetic Grabber

Plymovent Magnetic Grabber Nozzle

Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Plymovent's patented Magnetic Grabber Nozzle. This nozzle is a vehicle exhaust removal device that provides quick, easy, and controlled connection and disconnection "click and seal" to a vehicle exhaust system through a conical design, integrated magnets, and center self-alignment technology. This magnetic nozzle is primarily used in fire and emergency service stations where the vehicles may be operated indoors for equipment checks and for exiting the building on emergency calls but can also be recommended for emergency medical services and airport ARFF stations. To learn more about our magnetic nozzle for vehicle exhaust removal contact us today. 

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to operate "click and seal" connection
  • Virtually 100% source capture
  • Self-aligning nozzle
  • Ambient air intake protects the system and surroundings from high-temperature exhaust gases 
  • Unique conical design for soft release
  • Always will function without an electrical power unit
  • Rubber safety cover to prevent damage to vehicles
  • Non-invasive stainless steel clamping mechanism 

Plymovent Internal Grabber

Plymovent Internal Grabber Nozzle

The Internal Grabber® nozzle of Plymovent is a new, universal nozzle that fits the shapes and positions of any car and pickup truck exhaust tailpipes. This patented nozzle makes other nozzles obsolete.


  • Adapts to any tailpipe shape
  • Self-aligning squeeze grip for an effortless and smooth attachment
  • Extendable nozzle skirt with soft edge to optimize exhaust gas capture
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