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Firefighters need complete solutions for diesel exhaust, and Hastings Air Energy Control is dedicated to achieving optimal fire station air quality by providing effective exhaust removal, implementing user-friendly features, and designing systems that fit the unique needs of each firehouse. Our versatile exhaust extraction systems are engineered to connect to any motor vehicle's tailpipe and capture virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions. Furthermore, all our emergency vehicle exhaust systems require minimal operation. When entering the bay, connection to the system is a simple, one-step procedure, and the rest is automatic: the fan is automatically activated, and the system is automatically released upon exit of the vehicle.

Hastings Air Energy Control offers various emergency vehicle exhaust removal systems to meet the needs of each station, based on layout and parking requirements.

Firehouse Exhaust Track Systems

Sliding Balancer Track System:

Specific to single and double lane back-in bay applications, the code compliant SBT system is ideal for applications in which the vehicle tailpipe is less than 60 feet away from the door. The system itself can attach to motor vehicle tailpipes and is able to capture nearly 100% of EMS exhaust emissions. Additionally, the system is completely automatic: fan activation and system disconnect included.

Straight Rail System:

The Straight Rail System (STR) is a code compliant, under carriage rail system, ideal for drive-through bays, or bays where vehicles are parked in tandem. The system utilizes either magnetic or pneumatic grabbers, designed to attach to the tailpipe and capture virtually 100% of exhaust emissions. This system is also fully automatic, including fan activation and automatic release.

Vertical Straight Rail System:

The Vertical Straight Rail System is ideal for vehicles with overhead exhaust stacks. The code compliant VSR allows these vehicles to be serviced by a fully-automated system that features a V-shaped catcher to allow easy attachment between the rail profile and the vehicle tailpipe. Additionally, the rail can accommodate shifting movements of the system and provides automatic alignment.  

Hastings Air Energy Control provides all the grabbers, hoses, nozzles, fans, and other accessories needed to equip every kind of exhaust removal system.

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