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Velum Protective Intake Filters

Industrial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and office settings can benefit from Velum since Velum traps dust and oily mist at intake vents before the particulates settle on internal components such as control boards and fan blades. Contact us for more information about velum protective intake filters for machinery, electronics & motors.

Refill rolls or pads are available for each Velum product. 

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Protect Capital Equipment Investments With Velum

Velum by Nitty Gritty – Velum Standard (2:56)

Velum Standard

Velum is designed for automation machinery, printers and computers, PCs, packaging machinery for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries, and CNC machines. Velum protective intake filters are applied directly to the external entrance grid of ventilation and cooling unit systems. Once applied, Velum holds dust and oily mist in its patented knitted fabric which protects the inner filter and allows fresh, clean air through the equipment. To ensure the best efficiency of your equipment, replace Velum once a week. Velum Standard is fire retardant.

Velum by Nitty Gritty – Velum Air (2:53)

Velum Air

Velum Air’s thicker, fire retardant fabric has a lower porosity to ensure better airflow and prevent overheating. It is ideal for compressors, cooling systems, and heat exchangers.

Velum by Nitty Gritty – Velum Xl (1:38)

Velum XL

Velum XL is designed to fit larger format machines with vent sizes from 800-1500mm. The media is thicker and more porous than Velum Air to resist clogging and prevent overheating. Velum XL is not fire retardant. Contact Hastings for options.

Velum by Nitty Gritty – Velum Motor (2:22)

Velum Motor

Velum Motor is the perfect solution for the protection of electric motors. The patented system and reusable polypropylene support is easily applied with a magnet and O-Ring. Velum Motor pads are fire-retardant.

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