Dust Control Booths


For maximum control of contaminants, environmental dust control booths contain and collect dust, smoke, and fume within the work area. Dust booths may be used for fine to medium particulates, including wood, metal, composites, plastics, fiberglass, dry powder, cement, and toner. In addition, wet dust collector booths provide safe dust collection for aluminum, titanium, and other potentially hazardous dust.Hastings Air Energy designs and installs dust collection booths specifically to meet or exceed OSHA compliance for fiberglass, hexavalent chromium, stainless steel, lead, aluminum, beryllium, natural stone, composites, wood, plastics, and other metals.


To provide a good fit for various industrial applications, Hastings Air Energy Control offers dust control booths with three types of filters: (1) dust collection cartridge filters for a broad range of industrial processes; (2) standard industrial panel filters for applications ranging from light load/continuous duty to heavy load/intermittent duty; and (3) wet type (water-based) filters for potentially hazardous or volatile dust. All dust booths may be equipped with a regain air system and may be custom sized to suit the need.

Typical Processes

Dust booths by Hastings Air Energy Control provide the filter selection and configuration needed for a wide range of processes, including welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, machining, surface finishing, powder coating, metal working, arc gouging, and cutting.

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