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The cartridge dust collection products are one of the most versatile dust collectors for handling a wide range of industrial dust collection needs. The cartridge collector will collect fine to medium particulate from operations generating light to heavy loads. Types of dust include wood dust, composites, concrete, cement, dry powder, sand, plastic, welding smoke, and toner.


Our broad range of cartridge dust collectors offers a choice of configurations, cartridge cleaning methods, and capture velocity (CFM) to meet the requirements of all types of industrial operations. All our cartridge filters are constructed of high-performance media for high-efficiency filtration and have powerful self-cleaning systems for long filter life and low maintenance. Our ATV series provides outstanding efficiency by combining large-capacity, vertically-oriented cartridges with a patented down-flow design for optimal dust collection and disposal. 

In addition, the cylindrical fan housing of the ATV dust collectors increases performance while providing quieter operation and simplified maintenance. Compact cartridge collectors with a small footprint may be placed indoors for filtering and recycling tempered air for energy savings. Large, multi-station operations may be ducted to a central cartridge dust collector mounted outside the building.

Typical Processes

Hastings Air Energy Control provides cartridge dust collectors for grinding, sanding, welding or soldering, blasting, foundry, metal fabrication, powder coating, metalizing, and mixing.

Special Needs

Need a stainless steel collector, custom configuration or dimensions, application-specific filter media or special pre-filters? Many of our cartridge dust collectors are offered in stainless steel construction for needs such as the food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. In addition, Hastings Air Energy Control provides complete custom engineering capability to meet specialized needs.

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