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Industrial Dry Dust Collection Tables


For many applications, a industrial dry dust collection table is the ideal source capture. The worker has free, open operation over the worktable surface and gravity works with the blower to pull contaminants into the dust collector, away from the worker's breathing zone. Downdraft benches are used for a broad spectrum of particulates, including wood dust, composite dust, fiberglass dust, marble dust, plastic dust, other metals, and also welding and soldering smoke and fume.


Hastings Air Energy Control provides an outstanding array of downdraft tables to fit all kinds of industrial needs:

Complete, Self-Contained Downdraft Tables:

  • Stationary or Portable
  • Industrial Cartridge Filters or Standard Panel Filters; Optional Application-Specific Media and Multi-Stage Filtration
  • From 1 HP to 7.5 HP (or larger, as needed)
  • Work Surfaces Standard From 2’ x 4’ up to 6’ x 12’ and Custom Sizing to Fit the Need
  • Completely Open Surface for Free Movement or Containment Enclosures with Lighting and Re-gain Air
  • Single Station or Double (Back-to-Back)
  • Standing or Sitting (with Leg-Room Space)

We also offer downdraft tables that can be integrated into any central dust collection system.

Typical Processes

Downdraft tables are used for sanding, grinding, deburring, buffing and finishing, polishing, mixing, welding, and soldering. Hastings Air Energy Control provides tables specifically designed with panel filters for woodworking operations, and also offers the new Easy Bench (also with easy-maintenance panel filters) for all kinds of close, fine detail work, from surface finishing to lab applications.

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