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Industrial Ventilation Energy Control Systems

How to Maximize the Energy Efficiency of Your Dust Collection or Air Filtration System

Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. is excited to introduce the most advanced Industrial Ventilation Energy Control Systems available. "IVEC" is the next generation energy management system designed to reduce operating expenses for all industrial ventilation equipment. Installing IVEC will immediately reduce operating costs for dust collectors, mist collectors, air cleaners, and exhaust systems. It is recommended for all ventilation equipment, new or existing. (For more information, also visit

IVEC Command Controls

The heart of the IVEC System is the Intelligent Control Panel which adjusts the blower speed as needed. The conventional collector sizes the fan to guarantee performance in the "worst case" scenario, such as when experiencing duct pressure losses, clogged filters, and all ports fully open. But with the Industrial Ventilation Energy Control System, the fan speed can be controlled to use only the exact energy needed to do the job, including in the "best case" when the filters are clean and when only a portion of the workstations and duct system is in use. The IVEC System typically requires smaller duct runs and includes dampers that automatically close and open on demand at each work station. 

The comprehensive approach of an air filtration energy control system sets it apart from those who merely provide the component parts without the critical system integration. The professionals from Hastings Air Energy Control combine the use of a Programmed Logic Controller with powered dampers and duct pressure transducers to manage the systems so they respond to the changing process without much input from operators. In this way, the focus of the worker can remain dedicated to the manufacturing process while the air cleaning equipment is functioning responsively at peak efficiency. Hastings Air Energy Control has invested many hours of specialized programming so that every client can share in the benefit of the unique IVEC System, thereby providing a great value and long-term energy savings for those who are doing their part to make energy conservation a priority.

IVEC maximizes energy efficiencies and minimizes energy use. Total system management and real-time operating reports are provided to management via a network of sensors, dampers, and controls. Added benefits include noise reduction, constant predetermined pressure, extended filter life, and longer intervals between maintenance. The result is enhanced ventilation performance and electric consumption that is reduced by as much as 70%! Read our Retrofit Literature.

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