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Vehicle Repair Shops Exhaust Removal

Vehicle Repair Shop Hose Reel

With over 100,000 vehicle repair shops in the US, vehicle exhaust removal is essential for protecting thousands of workers. At Hastings, we are dedicated to providing top-tier solutions for vehicle exhaust removal to help ensure a safe work environment for vehicle mechanics and fire fighters.

Our vehicle exhaust extraction equipment is the ideal choice for vehicle repair shops and fire stations. Idle vehicles can let off toxic fumes that create a hazardous work environment. These toxic exhaust gases include carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, benzene, and more. Our vehicle exhaust removal systems can help eliminate them all.

hose reels

Vehicle exhaust is regulated by OSHA, the CDC, the EPA, and NIOSH because the fumes have negative impacts on worker health. 

Auto Repair Shop   Diesel Repair Shop

All of the following require vehicle exhaust removal systems to ensure they meet all regulations:

  • Vehicle & Diesel repair shops
  • Auto Dealers
  • Motorcycle and ATV repairs
  • Military Vehicles
  • Busses
  • Department of Public Works Vehicles
  • And more


Our solutions are ideal for more than just vehicle exhaust, they can also be used to help eliminate toxins and dust from welding, grinding, buffing, and polishing depending on the type of facility.

We have 6 parts in our vehicle exhaust removal solutions. These parts include:

  • The Nozzle – connection to the exhaust source
  • Flex Hose – conveys the vehicle exhaust
  • Reel/Rail/Boom – manages and supports the flex hose
  • Fan/Blowers – provides the airflow and static pressure required to collect the exhaust
  • Controls – operates the system; can be simple or complex with variable fan speed
  • Air Filtration System - to recirculate filtered air in the shop

 Vehicle Exhaust Removal Nozzle Vehicle Exhaust Removal Portable Fume Collection Systems Vehicle Exhaust Removal Reel/Rail/Boom

To learn more about how our vehicle exhaust removal for repair shops are the ideal solution for your needs, contact us today!



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