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Air Filtration System & Air Filter Frequently Asked Questions

Also known as a downdraft bench, a downdraft table is a place to work where the employee has free, open operation over the worktable surface. Gravity works with the blower to pull contaminants into the dust collector and away from the worker’s breathing zone. These can be used for many types of particulates including wood dust, composite dust, fiberglass dust, marble dust, plastic dust, and welding smoke & fume. Downdraft tables can be stationary or portable and different types of downdraft tables can be used for dry or wet dust.

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Ambient air refers to any unconfined portion of the atmosphere in a facility. The composition of the ambient air may include hazardous particulates, such as exhaust or welding fume. Commonly, facilities with machinery and equipment that release particulates utilize an air filtration system. An ambient system creates specific airflow patterns to allow the air particulates to be captured creating cleaner air for those in the facility. Hastings recommends the patented IVEC Ultra system.

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A fume extractor is a source capture system that can protect welders and applications alike from serious threats caused by hexavalent chromium, manganese, and other harmful contaminates. Fume extractors can either be a mobile unit or a vacuum source with MIG guns. As workers are performing their welding duties there are many contaminates that fly into the air directly into their breathing zone. With these fume extractor systems, there is 99.97% high-efficiency filtration.

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Proper filter cleaning can extend the life of the filters themselves and make your industrial air cleaner run more efficiently. Here are some tips and tricks for effective filter cleaning:

By Media:
Cellulose – also referred to as 80/20. May be gently blown off or shaken off depending on a unit’s pulsing feature.
Aluminum mesh – washable with a mild detergent. Should be replaced if there is visible damage or particulate doesn’t release upon washing.
Nanofiber - may be gently blown off or shaken off depending on a unit’s pulsing feature.
Spunbond – gently washable with a mild detergent. Let dry thoroughly before reinstalling. If coated with PTFE, extra care should be taken when washing.

Regardless of media, bag filters cannot be cleaned and require replacement. 

Blast gates, E-Z gates, and dampers reduce energy utilization, minimize motor wear, and optimize system performance on your dust collection systems by allowing unused drops to be closed. Blast gates are available in electric with overload protection and pneumatic control & manual options. Applications include fume, large particulate, grinding, and mist. Through the use of IVEC® Intelligent Ventilation Energy Controls, we can work with the ventilation system that your company already has, turning the equipment on and off as needed and allocating only the necessary power. Adding controls and gates allows for expansion because you’re able to add new drops at any time, and grow or change, as needed. As a result, you lower your operating costs, saving thousands of dollars in energy and utilities each month.

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