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Retrofit Your Existing System

Most companies use an outdated, static system. These are ducted systems designed to operate at full power when in use. The ducting is usually sized to exhaust all workstations whether in use or not. They are often oversized further for future workstation additions. Filters, fans, and motors are selected to accommodate the larger duct, and an exhaust damper is often installed to modulate the speed and maintain the desired velocity of the system. Basically, it’s like having the accelerator to the floor and using the brakes to control the speed of your vehicle…not very efficient. While there have been improvements to fans, filters, and motors, it’s still technology from the industrial revolution and a fundamentally flawed design! 

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Use Your CFM Capacity Wisely!™

Automate your existing system with IVEC. Gain control of available capacity to correct performance issues, add workstations, reduce operating costs, and lower noise levels.

dynamic system design

Roughly 70% Of the Life Cycle Total Cost of Ownership for a Collection System Is Energy Usage & Maintenance

A dynamic IVEC® system isolates machines not in use with an IVEC® EZ Gate, which opens and closes automatically based on sensor signal inputs. IVEC® technology automates your entire collection system to turn on when needed, automatically adjusts CFM based on workstation utilization to continue ventilating and turns off when ventilation is no longer required. Avoid buying another collection system by effectively using your entire capacity to exhaust workstations that are actually in use. You can also improve performance at workstations that are starving for air by not wasting your CFM capacity on idle workstations. Reducing system CFM from the maximum to what is required saves substantial energy costs.

Automating your collection system with IVEC technology gives you a worry-free, controlled solution that is intelligent in its design and implementation.

ivec static vs dynamic graphic

Reducing CFM by 20% Will Use 50% Less Power

If you can’t get a new system today and need to keep your existing traditional Static System, let IVEC engineers develop a retrofit solution that will be cash flow positive for your business from day one!

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic “On-Demand” operation
  • Decrease power consumption
  • Lower noise levels for employees and your neighbors
  • Improve performance at workstations by intelligently managing airflow
  • Extend filter life
  • Reduce carbon footprint and achieve Sustainability Goals
  • Energy grants available for qualifying projects
  • Minimize makeup air heating and cooling costs
  • Accurately measure system parameters for intelligent control
  • Connect real-time via Remote Access and Visualization (RAAV)
  • Cut operating costs by 50% to 85% – by lowering energy & maintenance costs
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