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Filter-1 Products

Filter-1, known as Clean Air Consultants, provides a wide variety of solutions to help solve your industrial dust collection and air purification needs.

Our Filter 1 products deliver environmental and economic benefits in industries including aerospace, manufacturing, and defense. We are also skilled at providing answers for the problems faced by applications including metal finishing, sanding, cutting, welding, and metalworking.

Our equipment and services are proficient at collecting and filtering airborne contaminants such as grinding dust, weld smoke, machining oil mist, and processing dust and fumes.

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filter 1 booth table

Filter-1 Products We Offer

downdraft table blue

Downdraft and Backdraft Tables

  • Benchtron - Cartridge Dust Collector
  • Downtron - Cartridge Downdraft Table / Downdraft Woodworking Table 
  • Hydrotron DHYD - Wet Type Dust Collector /
    Wet Collector Downdraft Table
  • Weldtron - Backdraft Welding Table

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blue dust collector machines

Dust Collectors

  • Pulsatron - Cartridge Dust Collector / Pulse Jet Collector
  • Bagtron - Baghouse Dust Collector
  • Cyclotron - Cyclone Dust Collector
  • Rollatron - Portable Dust Collector
  • Hydrotron HWF - Wet Dust Collector

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dust control booths

Dust Control Booths

  • Dustron - Cartridge Dust Collector Booth / Multi-Stage Panel Filter Booth
  • Hydrotron HPB - Water Filter Dust Collector
  • Blow Off Booth “BOB” - Walk-Through Decontamination Booth

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blue mist collector product image

Mist Collectors

  • Mistron - Oil and Water Mist Collector

View all Hastings Mist Collectors

ambient air cleaning machine large

Ambient Air Cleaners

  • Flowtron - Self Cleaning Cartridge Air Cleaners / Media Panel Modular Air Cleaners

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