Welding Smoke & Fume Extraction

Download our FREE whitepaper today - our welding source capture sampling study documents successful compliance with the much lower ACGIH 0.02 mg/m3 manganese oxide recommendation.

Hastings and FumeVac offer leading-edge technology for your weld fume removal. Whether a new system or a retrofit, Hastings and FumeVac source capture systems will remove weld fume unlike any other source capture weld gun in the industry.

Hastings and FumeVac offer:

  • Removal of weld fume from the torch
  • High-efficiency filtration — 99.97%
  • Ergonomic and comfortable — welders will use it
  • Portable unit that creates the flow required
  • Central systems available for multiple torches
  • Energy saving controls to perform on demand system(s)
  • Service and Parts


Problem: Manufacturer of premier injection molding machines needed an effective solution for smoke generated by working machines in the showroom of a new facility. Clouds of smoke are produced when the plastic is heated up and injected into the molds.

Solution: Source capture arms were installed to extract the smoke, and personnel are very happy with their clean, customer-friendly showroom.

Equipment: (4) KUA-3 Smoke & Fume Extraction Arms


Problem: HVAC Services Contractor needed an effective solution for grinding dust and welding smoke in their shop.

Solution: Installation of flexible extraction arm with boom; shop personnel are pleased with its effectiveness in keeping the air clean and user-friendly operation. Workers say: "It is so easy to move and stays in place."

Equipment: (1) ea. MSA-160-3 Extractor Arm and FM-25 Boom


Problem: Machine & Welding Shop needed to control smoke at three welding stations to protect the workers' breathing zone and to prevent the migration of smoke to other areas of the shop.

Solution: Source capture arms were connected to self-cleaning cartridge collectors. Arms were mounted on booms for a twenty-foot range, allowing operators to work on benches as well as on large weldments on the floor.

Equipment: (3) KUA Extractor Arms; DCH and DCH-2 Cartridge Collectors


Problem: New weld training lab at a high school needed to be equipped with a system to capture and eliminate welding fume and smoke.

Solution: Installation of telescopic extractor arms with direct mount fans.

Equipment: (6) MF 2000 Fans; (6) LM2 Telescopic Arms


Problem: Trailer accessories manufacturer needed a user-friendly, cost-effective system to replace several dust collectors in the multi-station welding shop.

Solution: Installation of a central dust collector with automatic dampers and a variable frequency drive. Maintenance can now access the dust collector from the ground, and the variable frequency drive makes the fan quieter, the duct runs smaller, and the energy usage more efficient. The system ramps up and down on demand as the dampers open and close automatically at each welder. On average HP usage is 10 HP with a 20 HP fan.

Equipment: (1) B16 Central Dust Collector; (1) TEV Fan; (1) Variable Frequency Drive


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