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Industrial Machine Mist Collection

Machine Oil Mist (Contaminant Addressed)

Problem: Large piece machining facility was experiencing poor air quality and worker complaints

Solution: A total of twenty-four industrial air cleaners create an engineered air circulation pattern, providing systematic filtration of the ambient air. IVEC controls manage the system to maximize filter life and save energy. Facility staff were very pleased with the immediate improvement in air quality.

Equipment: (24) Air Filtration Units and IVEC IPS Mutimotor Controls

Machine Oil Mist

Machining Mist Captured Ambiently

Problem: Manufacturer of engine gears and sprockets was generating mist in their machine shop, causing discomfort for the operators.

Solution: Heavy-duty F-Series Air Cleaners were ducted to the machines and effectively filtered the mist, providing the air quality improvement needed.

Equipment: (2) F-120 Air Cleaners

Machining Source Capture

Central Mist Collector For Machining Line

Problem: Manufacturer of aluminum parts for the automotive needed to collect the mist from the enclosed equipment on an automatic multi-operation machining line. Metalworking fluid pressures of 60 psi-800 psi are used for part temperature control and chip removal.

Solution: Three portions of the machining line were identified and mist/smoke collectors were sized to be connected to them. Blast gates were supplied at each connection to facilitate system balancing.

Equipment: (3) MP60 Mist Collectors

Central Mist Collector For Machining Line

Machine-Mounted Mist Collector

Problem: Machine was generating so much mist that the machinist had to wash his face every time he changed out a part.

Solution: Mounting an MPH-8 Water-Soluble Oil Machine Mist Collector removed the mist from the machine, making the equipment cleaner and shop environment safer. The success of the MPH-8 prompted machine shop management to decide to add five additional source capture mist collectors for keeping the complete facility clean.

Equipment: (1) MPH-8 Oil Mist Collector

Machine-Mounted Mist Collector


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