Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Dust From Blending

Problem: Dust created when hybrid grass seed distributor is blending grass seed.

Solution: Flexible arms and a self-cleaning cartridge dust collector proved easy to use and effectively cleaned the air, providing the needed air quality in the blending room.

Equipment: (1) DCH-2 Cartridge Dust Collector; (2) Flexible Extractor Arms

dust from blending

Cement Dust Collection

Problem: Large quantity of dust was being generated and blown across the adjacent highway as the concrete supplier was filling the trucks with cement, aggregate, and water. If handling Silica Dust, you may be interested in this video by the Department of Labor — "Deadly Dust" on YouTube.

Solution: Dust migration was eliminated by installing a partial enclosure to contain the contaminants and a baghouse to collect them. This acts as a concrete dust vacuum. Baghouse handles water as well as dust, and specialized media prevents the contaminant from freezing to the media in low temperatures.

Equipment: (1) Custom Containment Enclosure; (1) BT Baghouse Dust Collector

cement dust collectioncement dust collection

Dust From Surface Grinding

Problem: Stamping company wanted to keep the tool room in their new facility from getting dirty and dingy as a result of dust generated by the surface grinders and granite sandblasting.

Solution: Source capture of dust from the machines to a central cartridge collector is still keeping the tool room clean after a number of years of use.

Equipment: (1) DCH-1 Cartridge Dust Collector

dust from surface grindingDust from surface grinding

Dust From Sanding Wood

Problem: Builder of ocean-going yachts generates a large amount of dust when sanding hardwood bulkhead panels and cabinetry. Dust was migrating throughout the woodshop, creating an unsightly and unhealthy environment. The pieces being sanded required a source capture zone of 10' by 12', so downdraft tables were not practical.

Solution: Power Booth Modules were installed and enhanced with regaining air plenums to help contain and collect the dust, as well as to protect the operators' breathing zones. With automatic vibra-pulse cleaning of the dust filters, the system required minimal maintenance and successfully improved the working environment in the woodshop.

Equipment: (2) PB Power Booth Dust Collection Modules; (2) Custom Regain Air Plenums

Dust from sanding wood

Dust From Sanding / Grinding Painted & Fiberglass Parts

Problem: Airline maintenance facility was using four downdraft tables to grind and sand on painted and fiberglass aircraft parts, but the tables were too small to handle large parts and lacked the capture velocity needed.

Solution: Downdraft tables were replaced with a 36' dust control booth which frees up floor space and allows parts as large as an aircraft wing. Workers can also use air wand to blow off parts and sweep the floor at the end of the shift.

Equipment: DCB6 Model, consisting of (1) Dust Containment Booth and (6) PB Power Booth Dust Collection Modules

dust from sanding or grinding painted and fiberglass parts

Dust, Sparks and Odor From Torch Cutting

Problem: Because the existing arm with a low CFM fan was not adequate for torch cutting worn brake pads, the dust and odor was migrating throughout a city transit authority maintenance facility.

Solution: Portable Power Booth met the needs and was easy to use. Collector was equipped with an adsorption module and double-treated fire retardant cartridge filters, and customized to fit through 10-ft. doors to be used wherever needed.

Equipment: PB Power Booth Portable Dust Collection Unit

dust sparks and odor from torch cutting

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