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October 3rd & 4th at WMTS, Exposition Center, Wisconsin State Fair Park - WELDING PAVILION (scroll down for student contest registration form)

The Pavilion consists of six operating welding stations that will be used to highlight emerging welding technologies, best safety practices related to fume removal technologies, and proper methods of ventilation. The Pavilion will also feature area Vo-Tech welding programs and technical seminars.

Online registration is closed. You may register on-site.

Note: If you register, you are claiming to be 18 years of age or older.

 Full Contest Rules


Industrial Safety & Hygiene News: Reducing Smoke & Weld Fume at Wenthe-Davidson

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Powder & Bulk Solids: Dust Collector Clears the Air for Snack Food Manufacturer Barrel O' Fun

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The Fabricator: Wet Dust Collection Snuffs Hazards of Industrial Dusts

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Cummins sub builds " class welding facility" with Hastings ventilation .

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Construction Forms, Inc Improves Indoor Air Quality with HAEC

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P&H | Joy Global Mining Success Story

EHS Today: Snuffing Out Industrial Dust Hazards

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"Wet Dust is Safe Dust" in Pollution Engineering"Wet Dust is Safe Dust" in Pollution Engineering

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Chemical Processing Magazine interviews Hasting's Tom Ludwig

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Chemical Processing Magazine interviews Hasting's Fred Germaine

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