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Hastings provides high value, quality engineered, energy efficient, environmentally responsible product and service solutions that protect workers from harmful airborne contaminants.

We service customers using knowledge and experience gained over 45 years in the industry with support from carefully chosen manufacturer and contractor partners.

We are focused on maintaining our position as the provider of choice, the acknowledged leader and innovator in the air cleaning industry.

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Our Product Index

Dust Collectors, Air Filtration, Ventilation Equiptment, Exhaust Systems and more.


Industrial Air Filtration Applications

Dust Collection, Ambient Fume & Dust Filtration, Smoke & Fume Extraction, Mist Collection and more.

Video Resources

Video Resources

See our products and industrial air filtration solutions in action.

Technology Experience Center

Visit Our Technology Experience Center

Experience the very latest equipment and revolutionary technology the dust collection and air cleaning industry has to offer.

 Examples include:

  • Energy Saving Intelligent Controls
  • Innovative smoke detecting sensors
  • Operator-free collection controls

You'll also see wet collectors, dry dust collectors, vacuum systems, vehicle exhaust capture systems, articulating arms and versatile portables.

Make it a point to Tour the TEC and experience hands-on use of the most cost effective equipment for the removal of welding fume, vehicle exhaust, oil mist, pharma and food dust, stainless and aluminum dust, wood dust and more.

Industry News & Information

Problem: Excessive weld fume in large (600 x 125 x 60 and 600 x 85 x 60) weld shops. Situation: Joy Global was concerned that the excessive weld fume and grinding dust might be an employee safety issue, raise concerns about quality, or create a negative perception for prospects and clients. Altern ...

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